TUTORIAL : How to Making Table of Contents

The easiest way on making title is using heading 1 as follow :
1. On word 2003 and earlier click style box on formatting menu then click heading 1.
2. On word 2007, 2010, and 2013, click heading 1 on group style on home menu.
Making table of contents after deciding on title and subtitle that you're going to put on table of contents, it's time to show you how to make the table of contents.

Making table of contents for word 2003 and earlier :

Click on blank space where you want your table of contents located. Click insert > index and tables (word 2000) or open insert > reference > index and tables (word        2002 and word 2003) to open table of contents window.Click on table of contents tab than click ok. Where for word 2007, 2010 and 2013, follow these steps : Open reference > table of contents.Choose first and second option on that menu. Both of the option will automatically make table of contents based on the title and subtitle you made earlier.If you want make ta…

The Importance of Developing Safe School's Zone

I'm sorry Miss. My English Language is so bad :((

SPEECH (MAY 19th, 2017) group 4

1. Speech is a spoken expression of ideas or opinions. That is made by someone who is speaking in front of public or a group of people.
2. The aspects in speech are:      - message      - speaker      - audience      - channel      - feedback      - noise      - setting Before delivering the speech, we must choose the topic and know what's the problem happen. Arrange the points of the problem that will be discuss. Find the problem solving, learned the materials and practice it. And then prepare yourself.
3. Topics of speech:
- Urai Farizi : The importance of traffic lights against motorists.
- Evi Tamala : Civil engineering is important in life.
- Yulianus Noxus : Environmental awareness in the construction.
- John Siahaan : Culture.
- Tris Hardianti : The importance of sidewalk.
- Gresima Resti Pantula : The importance of trench in development of the road.
- Novia Wikayanti : The importance of zebracross at the schools.


The Importance of Developing Safe School's Zone for Our Safety On the Road
The development of transport technology and human's culture, which usually require all thing must goes fastly, often makes human being especially children as victims including traffic accident victims, In terns of road safety in the surrounding school, students hopefully come and leave their school safety by developing Safe School's Zone (SSZo). Safe School's Zone is a zone on a link-road at the surrounding of school which traffic speed is based on certain time. By traffic management and traffic engineering, the safe school zone is equipped with supporting building and complement facility to control strictly the speed through traffic. For this reason, in the safe school zone, the traffic hopefully will be safe, comfort, easy to be found and economic. In this study, it will be discussed the importance of Safe School's Zone (SSZo), the types of SSZo, supporting building and complement facility …

I can’t Imagine Life Without Smartphone

I can't life without smartphone. I think, everyone needs phone. It's not too much to say that we're living in a technological era since we can find almost everything on the internet and our life depends on technology a lot.
Nowdays, humans depends their life on smartphone deeper than they realized. Phone isn't used just to text or calls like it did on the past. This age phone can do a lot more than their predecessor. Smartphone now equipped by application that can access almost everything. Like online newspaper, electronic books, wikipedia, etc. And to top it, smartphone also equipped with social media apps like on like BBM, Line, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc that make it easier for us to communicate and share things to each other.
I'm sure almost everyone in the world use social media today. Not just kids and teenagers, but also adults. I bet some adults who is also parents use social media so they don't want to outdated by their children. 
I mys…

My Skills

Assalammualaikum miss Dini, my kindest lecturer.  First of all, I want to apologize for handed in the assignment late  Each person has a different skills. Now, I'm going to tell you about my skill(s).
Ever since I'm going to engineering faculty, there's a lot of knowledge that I get. Those knowledge led to me to be an assistant of survey and mapping laboratory on my faculty. I also gained a lot of knowledge from my lab colleagues. They teach me how to take topographic survey data and then turn the data into a drawing. Those drawings can be made using application called Autocad. Using Autocad is one of my skills. I can draw building construction with it.
For Example, I made drawings of highways part, foundation, simple building, contour map of measurement result, road planning, and drawings of other construction.

Autocad itself isn't really hard to learn, if we used it often enough to draw. But even thought I'm pretty good on using Autocad, my skill is still on lea…
This week I was given task of making a conversations with may partner about "Making A Robot".

Indra : What do you think the robot should be capable of ? Wika : I think, it should be able to stick on a glass so it can be used to clean a glass building.
Indra : On of the key features will be the robot programmed to move up and down. Wika : Right ! And the robot should be able to minimize accident and save cost too.
Indra : The robot should have wheels and shaped like a car. Wika : Good idea. The wheels should be able to stick to the window.Then we'll have a glass-wiping robot.
Indra : Why don't we call it "DusCleaRob" ? Wika : What does DusCleaRob stands for? Indra : Dust Cleaning Robot.
Indra : I think it will cost around four millions. Wika : Sound good.
Wika : This robot isn't programmed to be able to communicate.